The youngest player becomes the first player to play. The first player to play draws 6 cards and the remaining players draw 5 cards each. Take 5 cards from the remaining deck and place them face down on the table to become the deck, then take away the rest. Play in a counter-clockwise direction starting with the first player, who may play any combination within the rules. The next player must play a +1 card to follow ( ex: a 6 can only be followed by a 7, a pair of 6s can only be followed by a pair of 7s, a straight of 567 can only be followed by 678).  If the player cannot follow, the player has to say "CANNOT", then it is the turn of the next player to follow or "CANNOT". When all players can no longer follow, the last player to play draws a card from the deck and is free to play any card that is within the rules (if all 5 cards in the deck have been drawn, then directly play any card that is within the rules). When any player has no cards left in his or her hand, that player wins the game and the game ends immediately. (The game ends even if there are still cards in the deck.) The remaining players lose the points of the number of cards left in their hands and the winner wins all the points from the rest. Reshuffle 54 cards and play the next round, the winner will be the first to play the next round.

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